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Interior Design

After accepting the offer for interior design and signing a contract, together we prepare a design assignment. It is created on the basis of conversations about your desires for vision, colors, materials, style orientation, etc.

The stages we go through together with you in the design process are the following:

1. Conceptual design – on the basis of the design assignment the conceptual design is prepared, this is the initial idea for your interior on the basis of which we complete and develop the project. The conceptual design is presented through 3D visualizations of the main room (if there are more than 1). The deadline for the development of the conceptual design is standard 20 working days, there are situations in which you can react faster but they are strictly individual. The conceptual design is discussed with the client and together we decide which things he likes and remains and which should be removed or further developed.

2. Changes in the conceptual design – the specified changes in the conceptual design are made and the concept of the interior is further developed. The time for making the changes depends on their type and complexity, usually up to 15 working days.

3. Development of a working design – these are all drawings, quantities and specifications of the materials used, colors and finishes of walls, floors and ceilings necessary for the implementation of the project.

4. Author’s supervision – includes:

On-site consultation with the masters or companies that will carry out the implementation before starting the implementation.

Consultation with the masters or the companies in the course of the realization in case of problems, in case of need of additional information or advice – two visits

Author’s on-site inspection to monitor whether the implementation is carried out according to the specified technical documentation – two visits (at the designer’s discretion)

5. Engineer of the overall implementation of the project – includes:

Evaluation of the implementation of the interior project (includes prices of all services, all products and suppliers)

Complete organization, planning and control of the realization of the interior project

Author’s on-site inspection, when necessary during the project implementation

Technical supervision – quality control of the materials used and the work of subcontractors

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